Red Bull Pavilion

Design Project, 2005

„The Yurt" is a proposal for a Red Bull Pavilion. It is introducing the Asian Yurt to the field of extreme sports.

Design: Tim Steffen Altenhof
Supervising Professor: Greg Lynn, University of Applied Arts Vienna
Winter Term 2005

model of the red bull pavilion for the expo
another model for the expo redbull pavilion

The Story of a Yurt
The pavilion generates a silent and non-spectecular aesthetics. The scissor-lattice-structure leads to a super leight weight appearence. To initiate a counterpart to the rotating-pavilion-frame, the cladding is used more like a bandage, which makes the appearence rather dynamic. 

By creating a configuration out of solitaire-pavilions, whole red bull »villages« can be established. 


The connection results from balloon-silk-bandages which can be easily just stuffed into bags like a sail. 
The crinkled result is desired.

By creating several layers in cladding the solitaires, different hierarchies and more shelter-like situations are constituted. Both the village and each solitaire offer a unique space which effects a situation of archaic and natural communities – interpretated contemporarily. In heimish atmospheres each red bull drink substitutes the calumet.

The village’s atmosphere beneath the balloon-silk is much like tibetan banners in the wind.

model red bull pavilion shanghai
model red bull pavilion 2

Transport & Structure
The yurts are devided into four bundles of structural elements. For stabilisation a weight or a single rope, fixed in the ground, is hanged down from the top center. The lower end parts of the elements grab into the ground like claws.


Openings are generated by leaving out certain joints to handle the lattice like a curtain. Due to its elastic characteristics the yurt resist against wind and could be deformed like jellyfishes.

sketch of the red bull pavilion for the expo
sketch of the model for the expo pavilion shanghai
expo pavilion shanghai - red bull - 2011