Bildungscampus Wien

Competition Entry | Design: Tim Altenhof and Gerhard Höllmüller, Autumn 2010

Kindergarten, elementary school, Hauptschule and the Campus Centre are floating within the green space. Striking about the site is a huge and public park adjacent to it.
The aim is to extend this floating green space towards the site's perimeter. Our school buildings are not meant to establish barriers. They rather diffuse.

Terms and Definitions
"Marktplatzt" as it is labelled from the initiator is meant to describe a multi-functional common space, offering various venues and accomodating different spatial programmes - i.e. working, learning, eating, meeting, moving. We'd have to substitute that term, transforming it into "Forum" since a "Marktplatz" is mostly mono-functional, only working commercially. This school design comes up with integrated "Fora" providing various programmatic uses.

Exterior Spaces
Exterior spaces are considered to be as heterogenous as the interior ones. The inbetween space created by the main volumes is again a "Forum" - a semi-public open space for the whole campus area. Two faces of the Campus Centre generate stairs as a both classical and ironical quotation of urbanity and meeting places.
Access is provided from this area. Green space is extended towards the city scope and the school volumes are floating in this landscape.

Interior Spaces
The interior "Fora" offer three split-level-scenarios: underneath, inbetween and on top.

"Inbetween" is "inside" is the "core" is the "heart" of each solitaire: a "Forum" for meetings, for lunch and in order to learn.
"Underneath" accomodates adaptable learning zones as well as an internal playground in the Kindergarden.
"On top" spaces are meant to be more intimate spaces for conversations, as well as for reading and learning.